20+ Uses For Vinegar Around The House

TheOrganisedMum.co.uk | Household Uses For VinegarVinegar is such a versatile product. Rather than having numerous bottles of cleaning things etc in the cupboard, imagine how much easier (and cheaper!) it would be with just one simple bottle of vinegar. Here are numerous ways you can use it around your home.


  1. Air Freshener – Leave a bowl of vinegar in a room overnight that has a bad smell. Remove the bowl in the morning.
  2. Freshen Containers – Using half vinegar and half water, clean bad smelling containers (vases, things that have contained fish etc). Rinse with fresh water after.
  3. Removing Stickers – Using a paper towel, dab some vinegar on to the sticker (be careful depending on the surface). Leave for  about 5 minutes and then remove. It should lift straight up.


  1. Mildew Stain Removal – Mix half vinegar and half water and spray on mildew stains. Increase the amount of vinegar for tougher stains.
  2. Sink Freshener – Pour a cup of white vinegar down your plug hole. Leave it an hour and then pour fresh water down it.

  3. Chopping Boards – Wipe down with full strength white vinegar after using. It works as a disinfectant.
  4. Fridge – Wipe down the fridge using equal parts white vinegar and water.
  5. OvenHow to clean the oven using vinegar
  6. MicrowaveHow to clean the microwave using vinegar
  7. Kettle – Bring 3 cups of full strength vinegar to the boil and leave overnight. Rinse


  1. Mildew Stain Removal – Mix half vinegar and half water and spray on mildew stains. Increase the amount of vinegar for tougher stains.
  2. Toilet Cleaning – Pour about 3 cups of white distilled vinegar into the toilet. Leave for 30 minutes before flushing.
  3. Bath Toys – In a sink or bucket put 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water. Squeeze the toys to get the solution into the toy. Leave to soak for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze the water out, rinse and wipe down the outsides.
  4. Combs and Brushes – Put 2 cups of white vinegar and two cups of warm water in a bowl or sink. Soak the comb or brush in the solution for a few minutes. Wipe and rinse.
  5. Shower Head – If your shower head can be removed, soak in a bowl of white vinegar overnight. If it can’t be removed then you can always soak a flannel in white vinegar, place in a plastic bag and tie it around the shower head.
  6. Shower Curtains – Spray white vinegar and water solution on to the curtain and wipe down. Rinse.


  1. Insect Bites – Soak a cotton wall ball in Apple Vinegar. Hold or tape it in place for a few minutes.


  1. Weeds – Pour full strength white distilled vinegar on weeds in cracks on patios etc.
  2. Ants – Stop ants gathering in a certain place by pouring white vinegar there.
  3. Bird Bath – Clean it using white distilled vinegar frequently.


  1. Washing Machine Cleaning – I DON’T recommend using it for this because I’ve been told it can rot the pipes and hoses etc. I’m including it in the list because its often recommended around the internet and I wanted to WARN you.


Do you have any uses for vinegar that I may have missed? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below.

Disclaimer: The Organised Mum takes no responsibility for the outcome of following these instructions. Please take care.

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