30+ Ideas for Space Saving In Your Kitchen

Space saving in your kitchenI don’t know about you, but my kitchen can get very cluttered. It feels like there are never enough cupboards and drawers! I decided it was time to maximise my space and get organised. I have a ridiculous amount of mugs for one thing. I also bet that you have that one drawer that everything gets piled into? Batteries, pens, scraps of paper, shoe laces. You know the one. I can sense you blushing right now!

Whether you have a small kitchen or a cluttered kitchen, there are ways of saving space

  1. 1.   Stacking Equipment
  2. Use plastic stacking baskets or boxes to organise all your small cleaning and household items. Label them individually. (e.g “Cloths, scourers”, “Foil, clingfilm”)
  3. Stack your bowls in size order. All your cake tins and baking tins should be stacked one inside the other creating more space.
  4. Organise tupperware by putting smaller tubs inside larger ones
  5. Purchase a plate stacker. It’s a plastic coated wire stand. You can then organise your plates in size order. This can be put in a corner of the cupboard or on a clear work surface.
  6. Saucepans could be hung up or stacked one inside the other
  7. If you’re short on work surfaces then a drawer can be adapted. By putting some battens in a drawer you can then lay a wooden chopping board on top. This will give you at least an extra foot square when needed.
  8. Fix a small shelf with legs above the sink taps. This can then hold your washing up liquid, cloth etc.
  9. Use work surfaces to store only items that you genuinely need or use on a day to day basis. Kettle, toaster, tea,coffee, sugar jars. Put things like utensils in a drawer, on a rack or in a tall pot.
  10. Use cup hooks under the cupboards to use up that wasted space. Even if you dont hang cups on it the you could put spare utensils. A lot have a whole in the top these days for that reason.
  11. To keep your work surface clear whilst cooking, I have a nifty way of keeping your recipe book clean also. Take a skirt coat hanger (the sort with two pegs). Put your recipe into a clear polythene bag and clip the bag to the coat hanger. Then hang the coat hanger from an overhanging cupboard
  12. Add shelves to your cupboards. You could always squeeze an extra shelf in somewhere. One that you use for baking trays etc needs to only be a small gap.
  13. Fit a spice rack to the inside of a cupboard door or to the outside edge of the cupboard at the end of the row.
  14. Attache favourite recipes to the insides of cupboard doors. Nobody will see them and you will know exactly where they are when required
  15. Instead of having a rubbish bin taking up floor space, attach it to the inside of a cupboard. I confess that we just reuse carrier bags by hanging one on the door handle and then putting it out each night.
  16. Instead of putting your microwave on the work surface, fit brackets to the wall which will then give you extra storage underneath.
  17. Use a pot rack for all those saucepans. For some ideas see our previous article “How To Build A Hanging Saucepan Rack”
  18. 17 space saving ideas on houzz.com
  19. For even more ideas visit out space saving in the kitchen board on pinterest

Can you think of any other space saving ways? Please comment below.


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