20+ Sock Puppet Ideas

TheOrganisedMum.co.uk | Sock Puppet TutorialsYesterday I wrote an article about uses for odd socks. I listed that one of the uses for them was to make sock puppets. Here are over 20 tutorials, books and products to inspire you. Click on the photos to view the sock puppet tutorial. 


Here are some books that also may interest you:

  1. Sock Puppet Madness
  2. The Art of Recycling: Sock Puppets, Cardboard Castles, Bottle Bugs and 37 More Earth-friendly Projects and Activities You Can Create
  3. Stray Sock Sewing: Making One-of-a-Kind Creatures from Socks
  4. Make Your Own Sock Puppets
  5. Collins Big Cat – How to Make a Sock Puppet: Red A/Band 02a
  6. Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-off Socks and Gloves
  7. Make Your Own Sock Puppets


…and here are some products that may interest you.

  1. Sock Monkey Rescue Kit (Activity Kit)
  2. Creativity For Kids Creativity for Kids Kit Make Your Own Sock Puppets
  3. Mister Maker Sock Puppets
  4. Craft Cupboard Make Your Own Rainbow Sock Monkey Childrens Craft Kit
  5. Make Your Own Sock Monkey

Do you have any you wish to add? What is your favourite sock puppet creation? I look forward to reading your comments. 🙂

Featured image by buttonbag.co.uk

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