Review: Thought Full Box For A Busy Mum

So, as you know, I am a busy Mum and with all that is going on at the moment, I could do with something to make me smile and also to relax. So, imagine my smile when I received this wonderful box in the post today! It was sent to me from Katie at Thought Full Box. It is packaged securely and beautifully. It comes in a very sturdy cardboard box and when you open it there is bubble wrap and a sheet of tissue paper. I was greeted by this poem which has a tea bag inside and it is spot on for me at the moment as “me time” is much needed!

As you can see it is packaged securely with shredded tissue paper (which was immediately claimed by my 11 year old for “art reasons”. )

Under the first layer was this bath tea bag. The smell is “gorgeous” to quote my boyfriend (and believe me that is high praise!). It is a Lavender, Patchouli & White Tea bath tea bag. It has dead sea salt and white tea in it and I just KNOW this will be a relaxing bath. I just fetched it out of the box so I could read the ingredients to you and the smell truly is lovely!

The next gift is a porcelain ornament. It was packaged securely in a cardboard wallet and bubble wrap. The quote on it is perfect for me because at present I’m battling with which direction to take my business in. I have two businesses on the go and one is making me happier than the other.

Under the ornament was this lovely coaster. It is a thick material (some can be very flimsy). It says “Your best, no matter what that looks like today, is enough. You are always enough”. Yet again this is spot on. My mug is now sat on it! This is a lovely reminder to have next to me on my desk.

I am a big lover of chocolate. Big in desire and now big in size as a result! Anyway, these chocolate bars all have happy quotes on (I love the title “The Happy News“. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep the little wrappers. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them (maybe make them into a collage in a frame?) but I’m going to keep them because they make me smile. I feel like I should open one for the purpose of the review but I’m going to resist for now!

Next up was this cute little bath bomb. It looks like an adorable cupcake and it smells of Lavender. I have some lovely relaxing baths to look forward to. My daughter is trying to claim this too.

Lastly was this candle. Again, it is lavender and patchouli and smells divine! I’m thinking that the candle combined with the bath tea bag and a bar of chocolate will certainly be a relaxing bath! Just need to get the children to bed first. That’s my evening planned!

I have to say that this box is absolutely wonderful! I am most definitely going to be getting one put together for my friend because if it makes her smile as much as it did me then it is worth it. I wish I’d discovered them before.

Thought full Box from Seeds of Love

There are two ranges on the website, “The Thought Full Box” and “Seeds of Love“. The thought full box range has well over 200 items to choose from starting at just a pound. There are things like the items you see above and also jewellery, keyrings, stationery, pocket tokens, frames and much, much more.

Seeds of Love are poems that are written by the owner so you know they will be unique and written with care. The seeds are then chosen to go with the poem. These would make great wedding favours, teacher gifts, or to offer support or sympathy.

I had looked at the site earlier and it is only now that I have found the pre-packed boxes on the site. The idea of choosing from so many wonderful gifts had made me think that I needed to set an awful lot of time aside to do so, but now I’ve found the boxes it will be so much easier and more likely that I will buy one. I think maybe they should be linked to on the front page or made more prominent because they are a fantastic idea. That way the buyer will see them and maybe think after “Actually, I would like to have….” and then they would browse all the other items. I found them via the filter menu on the left side. I have since now discovered they are on the top menu too. I’m blind as a bat sometimes!

The pre packed boxes cover things like Anxiety, Mum “me-time”, New Home, New Baby etc. 

So, all in all, I highly recommend Thought Full Box. If you want to make someone smile then I suggest you take a look at Thought Full Box because there is something on there for everyone.

Thank you to Katie for sending me this box. Check out her social links below.

Instagram: @thoughtfull_box

Which box would you buy?

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