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Sometimes wardrobes get very cluttered. We often find that we get the same few items out and don’t even know what is tucked away at the far side. My wardrobe used to have shoes piled at the bottom and handbags squashed inside an old cardboard box. It was when I pulled my favourite boots out one day to find that the toes had been crushed and they were ripped that I realised it was time to get organising. Here are my tips for organising your wardrobe:

  1. Organise your clothes into collections. Casual, formal, sport, smart etc all hung together
  2. If you have a matching scarf or bag then hang it on the same coathanger. Easily found and no more rooting about in the box.
  3. Save time when getting ready by hanging a luggage tag on the coathanger saying what make up you wear, ear-rings etc with that outfit.
  4. Use shower hooks to hang handbags from as seen here on
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    4. Shower hooks. Photo source:
  5. Don’t keep coats etc in your wardrobe. Hang them up in the hallway or on the back of the door to the outside. Makes more sense to have them accessible where you need them.
  6. You can buy a shelving system that hangs from the wardrobe rail. I use mine to put shoes in and most often used handbags.
  7. Hang belts and ties from pegs on the inside of the doors. Click here for the DIY instructions
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    7. Peg Board found on
  8. Hang jewellery on pegs on the inside of the doors.
  9. Fit a full length mirror to the door to save wall space.
  10. If its a high wardrobe, get a shoe rack to keep the bottom organised.
  11. Lower the rail so you can put a shelf above it (if space permits)
  12. Keep boots in shape by folding a couple of glossy mags and sliding them in. That way they’ll stand up and not get crushed like mine did!
  13. Do you forget which shoes are in which shoe box? Take a photo of them and stick it to the outside of the box
  14. To keep a whole outfit together, use a fizzy drink can tab to hook the coat hangers together as seen here.
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    14. Can tabs. Photo source:
  15. Use shoeboxes to organise your drawers without having to add wooden dividers as seen here
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    15. Photo source:
  16. Use a length of chain to link multiple coat hangers together as seen here.
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    16. Photo source:
  17. Glue pegs to the inside of the wardrobe doors to hang jewellery from as seen here.
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    17. Photo source:
  18. Another way to organise things is to attache shower rings to a coathanger. This can then be used to hold caps as shown or to thread scarves through.
    Organising Your Wardrobe with
    18. Photo source:
  19. Visit my pinterest board for yet more ideas.

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Do you have any ideas? If so please comment. I’d love to read your tips and will happily feature them.

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