Keeping Your House As Warm As Possible

Saving Money On Your Heating BillsOne of the big money swallowers is our electric and gas bills. In the winter months we all put our heating up and with the rise in temperature, comes a rise in the bills.

In this article we’ll look at how to maximise the heat in your house and therefore saving some money

1.   Insulating a carpet

An alternative to using expensive underlay is to use newspaper. First clean the floor and then put down a thick layer of newspaper overlapping the sheets as you go. Once you have a thick layer, lay the carpet over the top.

2.  Increasing heat from a radiator.

A lot of heat can be lost from radiators. Place a shelf above the radiator. This will then radiate the heat back out into the room rather than up and out of the window.

At nighttime, if you have long curtains, lift them up and tuck them behind the radiators. If you can’t tuck them, then lie them across the top of the radiator. I have to do this with my floor length curtains. Why keep the window sill warm when you can keep the room warm instead!

3.   Get rid of draughts.

Make sure all gaps around windows and doors are sealed. Use a draught excluder to lessen the heat lost from underneath the door. Make sure that the room is well ventilated so you don’t get condensation.

5.  Get double glazing.

Double glazing can be expensive. A more frugal way of doing it is to just invest in double glazing on windows that face away from the sun.

6.   Insulating the roof

Heat rises. Insulating your roof will reduce the amount of heat lost through the roof.

7.   Water tanks

If you have a water tank in the roof, do not lay insulation underneath it. The warm air rising from the rooms below will keep the water from freezing and will also insulate the tank.


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