How To Organise Your Christmas Decorations

I find Christmas decorations take up so much room. I confess that in my last house we had over 8 boxes of decorations and they weren’t small boxes! When I left my husband (oh the shame!) I started again and this time I was determined to cut down the quantity. Well, a few years down the line and I have loads. So today I sorted through them and decided to organise them. Read to the end to see my method for sorting and organising them. If you’ve been following the 30 Day Challenge – Embracing the Declutter Mindset then you will see that on Day 1 I tackled the Christmas decorations.

Meanwhile, here are some ideas that I found on the internet that you could also try.


Christmas baubles in an egg carton
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Christmas Bauble Storage – Homemade

I’m sure we’ve all opened the decorations box at Christmas and found a broken bauble or two. Over at there is a great post suggesting using egg cartons and fruit storage containers to store them.


Christmas Bauble Storage – Shop Bought

I also found some storage items on amazon. (Honesty: These are affiliate links. If you click through I may get a few pennies but the item costs you no more.)

I think this is so cute! I had originally gone to link to just a regular storage box but I love this because it means when I go hunting for the decorations it will jump out at me.

I have tried to find one for the Christmas tree but no luck. If you find one, please comment below.

Tree Storage

I have managed to get the tree back in the cardboard box it came in this year which amazes me. I’m guessing that next year it won’t be so easy so I have been looking for a bag to put it in. It needs to be a strong one as I have an 8 foot tree. I’ve seen one in Argos but it was out of stock so I found this one on Amazon which I may order.


Christmas Card Upcycling

You could just recycle your cards but I’m very much into crafts so I went hunting for ideas for upcycling them. I’m putting together a pinterest board with ideas so if you’d like to follow that then please click here.

I will continue to update this post as the day goes on and the ideas keep flowing. 

If you have any ideas then please comment below including any links

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  • January 8, 2020 at 10:34 am

    Well done, I have everything done, just need to put away.


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