How To Defrost The Freezer | How To Defrost The FreezerIt’s time to defrost my freezer. Instead of doing so though, I’m procrastinating by blogging about the process! The best time to defrost the freezer is when it is low on contents. I often find this falls around Spring time, just before I start blanching and freezing garden produce. Another good time is after Christmas. I know that sounds odd, but in this house the freezer gets stocked up for the various dinner parties etc so once the Christmas period is over, the freezer is only half full.

First make sure the freezer is turned off and unplugged before beginning. I line the shelves of the freezer with foil when I’m defrosting. I pierce a hole in the centre of each layer. This helps me funnel the water into a bowl beneath.

I also line the bottom of the freezer with a towel to soak up any water. This saves that little puddle on the floor that I learned the hard way years ago. I don’t have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, but whilst discussing this with a friend, she informed me she uses one to clear up any mess on the floor afterwards.

To save time defrosting, I place bowls of hot water on the shelves. As soon as the ice loosens, I then scrape it off. Another tip from a friend was to use a small hairdryer and keep moving it so you don’t overheat an area. You have to make sure your hands are dry and make sure the hairdryer keeps moisture free. I DON’T recommend using a hairdryer. I’m too nervous about safety.

Before you switch the freezer back on, wipe around the inside with a bicarbonate solution and then dry thoroughly. I use paper towels to do this. It is recommended that you leave it for an hour after you’ve switched it on before putting the contents back in.

There you have it, one defrosted freezer. I really should go and do mine now….

Over to you…

Do you have any tips for defrosting your freezer? Please comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can. 🙂

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