Handy Tips: Odd Socks

TheOrganisedMum.co.uk | Uses For Odd SocksJust a quick tip today. I am convinced there is a land of lost socks. It is also where half finished conversations go since I became a Mum! Anyway, I decided to finally tackle the sock problem. Firstly I’ve started buying my little ones socks in plain colours and lots of the same colour. This means that when one goes missing, I will have another odd sock to go with it. My hubby has finally cottoned on to this one and is buying plain black socks. However, I find that I just end up with varying greys and purples to pair up (why do they go purple??).

I tend to do all the socks and underwear at the same time (due to them all being so dark). This means that when the laundry is dry, I end up with a big pile of socks and end up putting them aside to pair up a bit later. Now, before I put them on my little peg hangers, I clip them in pairs. This means that when they’re dry, I can just unclip the peg and pair them up straight away. Tidy! I also find I don’t lose as many socks.

Socks that have a hole in or are faded go straight in the bin. This means the odd sock bag grows. I make a point of once a month going through it.

By this point I know that any patterned ones still hanging around are a lost cause. Here are some uses for odd socks:

  1. Use odd socks as rags or dusters. It saves having to wear gloves because you can just pop it on your hand!
  2. Sock puppets. See this article for sock puppet ideas

Do you have any more uses for odd socks? I look forward to reading them. 🙂


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