Day 5 – Getting Help – Finding Assistance When You Need Help Organising

Wanting to be organised is one thing… getting organised is entirely another. Making the decision to become more organised and streamlining your life deserves a round of applause. Once the excitement wears off and the realities set in that there is much to do – with no plan in place – it can feel overwhelming and could lead you to scrap your plan altogether. It might make sense for you to enlist some help decluttering, purging, organising, and streamlining.

There are many ways to get help when you don’t know where to begin or how to start. Here are two to consider:

1. Hiring a service
2. Emulating a pro

Hiring a service: No matter what area you need to organise or streamline, there is likely someone who specialises in the task you have. From large-scale cleanup to fine tuning and creating systems for everyday life, there is someone out there who has the solutions you need.

Here are some examples:

Hire a lawn service to do a large-scale trim and cleanup of your garden. Consider hiring them for weekly maintenance to help you keep your garden in great shape. This can save you time to focus on other tasks that benefit your home.

Hire an organiser to revamp your private spaces. Professional organisers can help you declutter your wardrobes and closets and create dynamic spaces. They can make suggestions for closet redesigns and have excellent tips for maximising space and helping you purge items that you simply don’t need. Your spaces may need a face lift or restructuring to be more effective. Professional organisers have knowledge of the most current trends and products that will help you be more organised and more efficient with your space.

Hire an organiser to build a better pantry. Pantry spaces have the potential to waste space and money. A disorganised and inefficient pantry can make it hard to know what you have on hand and what you need from the shops. A pantry that is well designed, fully stocked, and easy to navigate can make meal prep easier and save you money in your food budget.

Emulating a pro: If budgeting funds for a service is unappealing or impractical, consider emulating the pros. Thanks to YouTube, Instagram, and sources like Netflix, it is easier than ever to get inspired by some of the most organised people out there.

Here are some examples:

Do you know Marie Kondo? Kondo is the Netflix sensation inspiring viewers to get organised. Her Netflix series is making an impact on people who want to be clutter free. You can catch her series or follow her on social media to be inspired and learn DIY tricks of the trade. I started off with her book but find her programmes even more inspiring as I like to see the change with my own eyes.

Use Pinterest to DIY your organisation. Simply type the keywords DIY Organisation Tips for an endless supply of ideas. You can start a Pinterest board that stores the pins you love. The more narrowed down you get with your search, the better the options become. You will find yourself discovering links to websites, blog posts, and virtual videos that can teach you everything you need to know about DIY organisation.

You needn’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of becoming organised. You can easily hire someone to help you get things in order or discover unlimited options for DIY. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to become more organised and more streamlined.

Today challenge: I know that on a Saturday it is difficult to throw yourself into organising because a lot of people do all their going out and about on a Saturday. (hence my choice of topic for today!) If you do have chance though, I’d like you to have another go at a clutter hotspot that we talked about in the week. I’m sure you don’t just have one little area in your house where everything gathers?

How you can improve that area? Is there a system you can put in place?

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