Dealing With Clutter Hotspots

In Day 2 – The Psychological Effects Of Clutter I set the challenge of tackling the one clutter hotspot that causes you the most anxiety.

I will go in depth into the following areas later on in the challenge but here are a few pointers for now.

Over the years of trying to organise myself I have discovered different hotspots. These are some of te main ones:

Bottom of the stairs

I refuse to believe (unless you live in a bungalow!) that you don’t have even a small pile of stuff at the bottom of the stairs that needs to be put away. Admit it, you all step over or around it and hope that someone else will take it up. The pile would sit on the bottom stair in my house and we would all “accidentally” walk past it. I tried a few ways of doing it over the years but the one that has worked the best is quite simple. I have a nice open basket at the bottom and one at the top. The things go in the basket and then when I put the children to bed at night, I scoop it up and go and deposit the items in each persons room. The basket then goes at the top of the stairs. Then whilst they are getting changed or having a quick play before bed, I put it away. I do my own things when I go to get changed. Even if I nip up in the day I don’t pick it up. If I did then I know I would soon stop doing it.

It also works in reverse. When I then go downstairs from putting them to bed, I take the one that I keep at the top of the stairs and take it down and empty the stuff into the relevant rooms. That way, there is always a basket at the bottom and one at the top!

Hall Table

HallwayThis is another big clutter hotspot. We had a small table in the hall and everything would get dumped on it, handbag, keys, phones, the post (the mail to my overseas friends!), library books, things to leave the house, tote bag, the lot!!!!

I tried a few different ways before finding the one that worked (I will do an in depth post with photos on this one later in the challenge). I bought a cube unit with four boxes. Each box is labelled with a member of the household. In that box they put their things when they come in. Anything that needs to leave the house at a later date (library books, piano book for lessons day, choir notes, letters to post etc) goes in the persons box. When they leave the house they check it. This way has also lessened the cries of “Muuummmm where is my…..”.

Kitchen Table

Okay, I’m still working on this one. It is my personal hotspot of clutter because we work on the kitchen table and also the children have to attempt to do homework and crafts there. Lets not even mention the lack of eating space! I’m working on this one today as part of todays challenge.

It is always covered in piles of things. It has been a manic day and the result was not that good. The whole point of todays post “The Psychological Effects Of Clutter” is to point out the anxiety caused by it. Trying to tackle that one area brought about a lot of anxiety for me. I have decided to approach that area again in a week or so when I’m feeling like I’m making headway elsewhere.  I’ll update you on the results later!

What clutter hotspots do you have and I’ll see if I can help…

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