Day 9 – Using the Basket Method to Keep Kids Organised

Starting from birth, kids come with stuff. Lots. Of. Stuff. Experts on child development say that children as early as age two can learn chores and make an important contribution to the family’s cleanliness. Teaching kids to be tidy and organised can set them up for easier transitions into school and make it easier for them to be social.

One method organised families use to keep things tidy is the Basket Method. This method incorporates baskets to help kids keep spaces clean and makes it easy for them to be responsible.

Here’s how:

What Is The Basket Method?

The basket method is simple. A basket is assigned to each child. There can be more than one basket if necessary. An example could be a designated laundry basket and a designated basket that remains in the living room. These are in addition to the “basket” that is primary.

How Does The Basket Method Work?

The basket comes into the main living area at the beginning of the day. Throughout the day, items that belong to the child can be placed in the basket by a parent or the child as a means to keep clutter to a minimum or get the item to its proper place. At the end of the day, the child takes the basket to their room and puts the items in their proper place. The empty basket is ready for a new day.

Why Should You Use The Basket Method?

The basket method is a great way to teach pride of ownership, responsibility, and respect. Being responsible for the items in the basket and seeing that they are put away teaches kids to participate in the chores without feeling overwhelmed. Picking up one basket at the end of the day feels less intimidating than rounding up multiple items. Mums and dads don’t mind tossing a stray shoe or book into a basket that they know their kid is going to take to their room.

Other ways to use the basket method:

The basket method is a great way to streamline many sorts of chores. Here are some other ways to use the method.

If you have a multi-level home, you can keep a basket at the foot of the stairs to capture items that need to go up. I keep one at the top also and they swap at the end of the day. This is one I found on amazon that sits snugly on the stairs. 

Keep a basket in the garage to unload the car and bring loose items into the house. Toss the items into the kids’ baskets and you can avoid lost sports gear, coats, and other important items.

I also use baskets that are labelled with the type of toy that goes in it. That way my 3 year old can put them away himself. I use picture labels at the moment.

Teaching kids the importance of being tidy helps them adjust and adapt to new situations easier. Knowing the importance of being a part of a team and how to take care of their belongings helps them contribute to the family in a meaningful way. Having kids who manage their belongings on their own makes mum and dad’s lives a bit easier too. The basket method is a great way to help kids and the home stay organised.

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