Day 3 – Being Organised Is A Mindset

Organised people seem very… organised. They tend to have an orderly way of doing things and a solution for every storage problem. Their lists and spreadsheets may seem like overkill, but they really are helpful tools for living a streamlined life. Being organised might seem like a series of habits but honestly, it is more of a mindset than an activity.

Being organised starts with your thinking and reveals itself in your actions.

Here’s why:

Our brains are designed to solve problems. Generally speaking, overwhelm happens when we simply can’t seem to solve a problem or aren’t taking action to do the things that solve a problem. These are mindset issues. However we set our mind, our actions usually follow. This is why people yo-yo with their behaviour. Sometimes their minds are set towards success and sometimes they simply aren’t.

Being organised starts in the mind long before it manifests in your closet or your pantry. The desire to be orderly or solve organisation problems happens in your thoughts and culminates in sorting through your belongings and heading to The Container Store.

So, how do you shift your mindset towards being more organised?

Here’s how:

Make the decision that being organised is a solution to many problems. Decide that being in command and control of your home, your family’s schedule, your business, or anything that is in disarray is solution-focused. It’s a good thing! Getting organised and staying that way is worth the effort and completely possible.

Some of the results of being more organised are:

  • Pride in your home and family
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • A peaceful home and restful down-time
  • Opportunities to be creative
  • Better health
  • Disciplined kids ready for the world

Making the decision to be more organised and sticking to it is the first step in the process. Committing to doing the work to streamline, declutter, and carry out the tasks needed to be organised and stay organised is key. Making the commitment in your mind to a lifestyle of cleanliness, order, and peace will help you take action when you may be too tired or want to let things go.

Todays Written Task: Using the workbook, fill out the section on page 2 entitled “Decluttering Helps You Focus”
Do you have any issues staying focused? Do you have trouble finding items when you need them?

Todays Practical Challenge:

JeansThe wardrobe. If you are in the UK like me then you will know how cramped these things are! Yes, its a scary one I know. I was thinking about my weight after Christmas and every year I ignore the wardrobe because I think “Oh I’ll fit back into that by the summer!”. But this year I am going to sort it. I’m not going to suggest you do a Marie Kondo and dig all your clothing out into an overwhelming pile because that wouldn’t work for most people. Here are my suggestions:

Sorting Clothes That Don’t Fit

All I’m going to suggest is that you look at each individual item (especially the “I’ll fit into them one day…” items and ask yourself “If this was hanging in a shop in my size and I could afford it…would I purchase it?”.

I think that you will discover that a portion of those clothes you are hanging onto based on the memory of them fitting rather than the fact you like it and hope to fit into it again one day. 

Making More Space In Your Wardrobe

My wardrobe has far too much random stuff in it. Before I started organising it, there was bags flung in the bottom of it, shoes piled up to one side, belts tangled up on the shelf and a plethera of other things. This is how I sorted it:

  • Handbags – I put the handbags within each other in size which firstly made more room and also kept them from getting squashed
  • Belts – I got a small shoe box and rolled each belt up and laid them in the box so I can see at a glance which are in there. Another way is to hang them on the hook part of the coat hanger (but I find that takes up room and also is a pain going through the clothes to find them)
  • Shoes – I bought a hanging shoe organiser. It velcros over the rail and then the shoes can stack up in it.
  • Jewellery – Okay, now most people keep it in a box but I have a lot of cheap costume necklaces and they all end up piled in yet another box. I have attached hooks to the inside of the wardrobe door and hung the necklaces on them so I can see them.

For more ideas on organising your wardrobe, please check out my other post “Organising Your Wardrobe

Do you have any ingenious ideas for space saving in your wardrobe? Post them in the comments below and I may even add them to a future post!

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