Day 29 – Celebrate Organisation to Keep Motivated

Getting organised and conquering a mess should be celebrated. Tackling a project and seeing it through to completion is worthy of praise, a happy dance, and maybe an ice cream cone. If you are making organisation a priority, it’s important to build in some celebration to keep you motivated.

Sure, seeing the proof of your hard work could be all the encouragement you need, but there is nothing wrong with tooting your horn a bit too. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your organisational milestones:

  • Share before and after pics on social media
  • Enjoy a celebration meal out with friends or family
  • Make cupcakes or biscuits to make the day special
  • Buy a new item for your newly-spruced space

Celebrating successes motivates and builds stamina. Using your celebration to share the funny stories that came from your remodel or the tips you learned doing a DIY project can help you process just how much getting organised means.

Encourage your kids when they complete an organisation project:

  • Help them pick a new bedspread when they finish organising and decorating their room
  • Let them shop for a new article of clothing when they sort through the clothes they outgrew
  • Help them find a new caddy for their bathroom when they are ready to use hairstyling tools or makeup
  • Help them find a rack for their sports equipment to make organising the garage easier

Doing small things to recognise and encourage your family to keep themselves organised is as easy as a positive reward. Younger kids can benefit too.

  • Give toddlers a sticker each time they complete a chore
  • Make dessert a celebration after kids complete their nightly prep for the next day
  • Encourage your kids to keep up their chores by making a “pay day” for their allowance

Even your spouse can be celebrated and rewarded for taking the time to help with projects or lead the family in an organisational project.

  • Make a special dinner to say thank you
  • Bring lunch, snack, or a beverage to your hard-working mate while they work
  • Give compliments and encouragement while they help or carry out a task

Whether you make a big deal or simply say thank you, celebrating efforts to be more organised reinforces the positive behaviour and motivates everyone to do more. You can’t go wrong with making a big deal out of the effort it takes to be more organised.

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