Day 28 – The Mighty Power of the Junk Drawer!

Most of the challenge has been all about being organised. The more organised the better! Even the most organised space needs a place to let its hair down, so-to-speak. That’s the power of the junk drawer.

Every home needs a junk drawer, or box, or bin, or whatever is a great space to collect the things that simply don’t have an organisational home. A sacred space to toss the left over, the cast off, the incidental, and the spare. A place to go when there’s no specific alternative.

Most junk drawers live in the kitchen – an amalgam of twist ties, an old hair scrunchie, and a menu from a long closed takeaway. Junk drawers are the place to find a battery or the directions to the remote control. They are the final destination for long-forgotten coupons and old receipts.

There is mighty power in a junk drawer because it can actually be very intentional. It can be the deliberate place to put things that have no other place to be put away.

You don’t have to relegate the junk drawer to the kitchen. Here are some useful places to have a junk drawer:

  • In the garage
  • In your main bathroom
  • In each child’s room
  • In the hall closet

Having spaces throughout the home where items with limited purpose and no true space to be organised can go can help keep the habit of a place for everything and everything in its place. In essence, if it has no place… it belongs in the junk drawer.

Tips for maintaining a junk drawer:

Tip #1 – Junk drawers should have a sense of order. Whether you use dividers or containers, having a way to keep the random items in order will help the drawer stay manageable.

Tip #2 – Junk drawers need to be reviewed and revamped. Items in junk drawers lose their value and items expire. Be sure to edit the drawers at least every three months to remove unwanted and outdated items.

Tip #3 – Junk drawers need to be monitored. If you allow your kids to have a junk drawer, make certain they are using them as intended. Laziness and being rushed to clean up can cause kids to abuse the intent of a junk drawer. Help kids determine what is junk drawer content and what has a better, more appropriate storage space.

A junk drawer is a vital and important component of an organised home. Being able to store items that have no other obvious space is part of keeping a home neat and tidy.

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