Day 26 – Follow Through – Finish What You Started

There are a lot of barriers to getting organised. Most people would say some of the reasons they aren’t as organised as they would like to be is due to:

  • Time constraints
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Lack of know-how
  • Money
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of a plan

These are all understandable and predictable reasons. It can be hard to take action if one of these issues is in the way. Once people face their fears, solve their problems, and get down to finishing their projects, there is one more roadblock that gets in the way… follow through.

Following through is a common issue that keeps well-meaning people from getting things done. Follow through is less about know-how or lack of inspiration. It’s usually about discipline and taking responsibility. Developing a standard of finishing what you started is a key concept of being organised.

We could take time diving deeper into why people don’t follow through, but it doesn’t matter why if people overcome the behaviour.

Develop better follow through by taking these steps:

Step #1: Stop slacking. Poor follow through is a habit born from being lazy. Cut off any behaviours that allow stopping before something is completed to its fullest extent. Keep accountability high until the task is completed.

Step #2: Solve problems immediately. Roadblocks happen. Unexpected things pop up. Solve problems or take corrective measures until the task is done. Even if it means hiring someone else to do what is too complex for an amateur, see the project to completion.

Step #3: Set deadlines. Without a deadline, there is no measurement for progress. Set a deadline for a project and hold to it.

Step #4: Get accountability. It’s helpful to have someone to report to about progress and setbacks. Two brains can be better than one. Having someone to be accountable to for completing a task can help ensure its conclusion.

Step #5: Celebrate the wins. Take time to celebrate the successes and get energised for more. Go out to dinner, splurge on a new item for the project, or do something that signifies the importance of knocking the task off the list.

Sometimes lack of follow through is nothing more than a pattern of behaviour. Regardless of the reason why, overcoming the behaviour and completing tasks is an excellent way to be more organised and boost confidence. The snowball effect can make getting more tasks crossed off the list easier.

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