Day 25 – Down-and-dirty Ways to Speed Clean Your Home

Someone just called, and they are on their way over. There’s nothing you can do to stop the fact that in twenty minutes, someone is going to be inside your home. If you aren’t prepared, this can cause a flurry of feelings. What can you do to make your home presentable in just a few minutes? Speed clean.

Speed cleaning is a technique that clears clutter and gets your home ready for guests with very little notice. It is also a great way to do a once over of your home from day-to-day to prevent overwhelm. Here’s the breakdown:

Visually asses the situation: Scan the rooms that your guests will be in. What obvious issues do you see? Attack these at once.

Clear the kitchen: Put items in the dishwasher. If you don’t have time to rinse and prep for the dishwasher, put the items in and go back and pre-rinse at a later time. Clear the counters of clutter and make use of your junk drawer for temporary clutter control.

Gather items with efficiency: Start at one end of the home and gather items that need to be cleared out as you go. Use a basket, box, or other bin to gather the items and put them in one location – preferably behind a closed door.

Fold and fluff: Make sure that all the couch pillows are on straight, blankets are folded and laid accordingly. If any furniture is askew, move into place.

Close some doors: From rooms to cupboards, close doors to reduce the chaos and clutter. Make sure shower curtains are closed. Toilet lids are down. If it has a door, consider shutting it.

Rugs and towels: Gather rugs and shake them outside. Make sure there are ample towels in the bathroom and paper towels in the kitchen.

The power of scent: If you use chemicals, pour some cleaner into the guest toilet, light a candle in the living area, and wash down the threshold of your front door. This will make an impact when your guests enter your home. If you have time or desire, pop some biscuits to cook in the oven (we put the bread maker on) and start a pot of coffee. These simple steps take little time but make a big impression.

Speed cleaning your home is one way to get a lot done in a little time. Done regularly, it can reduce the time you spend cleaning or removing clutter. There’s no need to panic if someone is coming over unannounced – you can be ready for company within a reasonable amount of time.

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