Day 24 – There’s a Connection Between Confidence and Organisation

There’s a connection between confidence and organisation. Generally, confident people operate from a place of problem solving and efficiency. Confident people aren’t tripped up by an inner critic judging their decisions and getting them off track. Confident people take action because they are… well… confident about what they are doing.

Confidence won’t in and of itself create organisation, but confidence will generate the belief that whatever needs to be done can, should, and will get done. Confident people who decide to be organised will do what it takes to complete tasks and see them through. They won’t be derailed by doubt, inability to make a decision, or the worry that their ideas aren’t good or correct.

If your inner critic is making it harder for you to make a decision about organisation, it’s time to overrule their authority in your life. Consider these tips for becoming more confident and getting more organised.

Confidence tip #1: Manage Stress. The level of stress you have in your life can affect your confidence. There is a strong likelihood that the reduction of stress in your life will reduce the negative chatter in your brain. Work on reducing the stress and managing it so you can regain the confidence you need to follow through with organisational tasks.

Confidence tip #2: Learn New Tricks. Learning a trick, hack, or new way to solve a problem is a confidence booster. You don’t know what you don’t know, and some forms of depression come from being unable to solve a problem. Put effort into solving an organisation problem and learn a new trick or hack. Doing so will alleviate your insecurity and boost your confidence.

Confidence tip #3: Get Cheerleaders. It’s easier to feel more confident when you surround yourself with confident people. Finding people to support you who love to organise or make a game of decluttering and designing functional spaces can energise you and help you feel certain about what you want to do in your own space.

Confidence tip #4: Teach Someone. You may not know the answers to every organisational challenge, but you likely know one or two. Share what you know with others and use your wisdom to remind you of how confident you really are. Teaching someone something is a great way to build your confidence and get you excited again.

There’s a connection between confidence and organisation. You can make that connection or reconnect it if you’ve gotten off the path. Use these hints to help get you energised, confident, and organised.

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