Day 23 – Keep Your Car Organised for Safety’s Sake

Cars are an extension of the family home. They are a primary source of transportation and a reflection on how organised you tend to be. If your car looks and smells like it’s overdue for a clean out, it could be time to get organised. Cars that are well maintained, clean, and free of clutter are actually safer for your family.

Did you know?

Cars that have a lot of debris can cause harm, even death, during an accident? Loose items in a car become projectiles during an impact. Making sure your car is free from debris like sports equipment, unsecured electronics, even bags of shopping can prevent harm should you be in an accident.

Distractions are a major cause for accidents? Reaching for an item or being distracted by a passenger is a routine reason for preventable motor vehicle accidents. Making sure you have what you need within reach and have what your family needs at the ready can reduce the likelihood of being distracted while driving.

Failing to keep routine maintenance on vehicles contributes to unexpected and costly repairs. Not attending to maintenance or cleaning your vehicle can reduce its value. Taking care to keep your car clean, attending to scheduled maintenance prompts, and taking preventative measures keeps your car running well and prevents unexpected repairs.

Here are some tips to make sure your car is organised and safe for your family.

Tip #1: Buy the car you need. Making sure the car you buy is what your family needs at this stage of life will contribute to your safety and the ease to maintain it. A car should comfortably fit the number of the frequent occupants. Too small of a car can cause chaos and clutter. If you frequently drive down lanes or rough roads (or live abroad and drive in the mountains etc), you may need 4-wheel drive. Choose a car that meets as many needs of your family as possible. As the family dynamics shift, your car needs may change.

Tip #2: Make storage a priority. When choosing a car, consider the storage options and accessibility needs. Most new cars have hands free options for many of the tasks you engage in while driving. If you have specialised needs or storage needs, consider aftermarket devices and storage to modify your space.

Tip #3: Create some rules for the road. As the captain of your vehicle, you can make rules for the road that keep the car organised and people safe. From no eating in the car to making sure each passenger secures their belongings and takes them with them when they leave, you can design rules that make sense for your family. You can also set the interior of your car up for success. Have a place to put waste, bags or bins in the boot for gear, and an organiser for small children’s needs. The more organised you are, the easier your passengers can keep things contained.

Keeping your car clean and organised helps hold its value and keeps your family safer. Taking the time to keep up on maintenance and keeping your car free from clutter and debris will make your car last longer and help you avoid accidents.

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