Day 22 – Capsule Wardrobes: An Easy Way to Be Organised

Steve Jobs famously wore the same thing every day – denim, black mock-neck shirts, and tennis shoes. His fashion sense greatly contributed to his ability to do an exceptional job changing the world. Why is that?

We make a phenomenal amount of decisions every day. When we are operating at our best, we have greater capacity to make more decisions. When we are not quite optimal, our decision-making capacity dwindles. The fewer decisions we have to make, the more high-quality we can make them.

Steve Jobs understood that he didn’t have to waste any time making a decision about what he was going to wear. He knew each day that he would slip on a fresh pair of jeans, a shirt that fit and felt good, and reliable shoes that wouldn’t cause him any problems. He didn’t waste a moment thinking about his wardrobe. This allowed him to put his energy into other issues of greater importance.

Capsule wardrobes are a collection of essential items that work interchangeably to create multiple looks. These items tend to be high quality, classic, and accessorised by trendy pieces here and there. Capsule wardrobes mimic the time-saving aspects of Jobs’ look but offer a bit more variety. They are also a great way to be more organised.

Capsule wardrobes:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Never go out of style
  • Take up less space

Save money with a capsule wardrobe: Retail therapy is a funny way of describing impulse and non-essential spending. Shopping for bargains and spending time sorting through clothing at the shopping centre can ding your budget and leave you making purchases that you don’t need and may never use. Being intentional about your wardrobe and committing to essential pieces means you’ll only shop for a specific item when and if you need it.

Save time with a capsule wardrobe: By limiting your closet to key, classic, interchangeable pieces, you will be able to mix-n-match with ease and put together timeless looks that have you out the door in minutes.

Capsule pieces never go out of style: Buying timeless pieces that are classic and fit well means you will not be influenced by trend. If you want to follow a trend, you can easily add to your looks with on-trend accessories. This saves time and money.

Capsule wardrobes take up less space: Staying organised is simple with a capsule wardrobe. They take up less space and make organising your closet a breeze.

If you’re looking to be more organised and save time and money in your closet, you may be a candidate for a capsule wardrobe. Take a lesson from Steve Jobs or your favourite fashionista influencer and reduce your wardrobe to an essentials-only look.

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