Day 21 – 2 Habits That Teach Kids to Be Better Organised

Being organised is second nature to children that are taught efficiency. Children shown key concepts of organisation adopt the principles as a way of life and don’t generally resist the benefits. Sure, some kiddos are scattered and aren’t the most focused or efficient, but even the most free-spirited kids can develop habits of organisation.

Two habits to teach children to be better organised are:

Habit #1: Setting aside time to plan their day
Habit #2: Taking action ASAP

Teaching kids to set aside time to plan their day motivates them to use their critical thinking skills, make a plan, and solve problems that could potentially cause chaos. Likewise, taking action ASAP reduces the chances of forgetfulness, losing important information, and missing opportunities. Taking action helps solve problems and helps kids be better prepared and organised for their day. The two concepts are intertwined and complement one another.

Here’s how:

Habit #1: Setting aside time to plan their day. At the end of the day, encourage your child to have a personal planning meeting. Have them go over their day and recall any important issues that need to be addressed. Things like:

  • Important homework assignments
  • Permission slips or notifications
  • Invitations to social activities
  • Sports or club responsibilities
  • Chores or household commitments

Have them make a list or meet with you verbally to discuss any actions that need to happen or problems that need to be solved. Teaching our kids to think through what happened during the day and what is expected for the next day can help them be ready and on time with important duties or tasks. Teaching kids the habit of thinking things through gets them ready for more mature responsibilities as they grow.

Habit #2: Taking action ASAP. We are all guilty of having a task flash through our minds, believing we will remember to take care of it, only to let the plan slip when we are taken off task. Teaching your kids the benefit of taking action ASAP helps them knock things off their to-do list and be more efficient with their time. Some ideas to help kids take action ASAP are:

  • Encourage kids to scan the family living areas for personal belongings before they head to their rooms.
  • Teach children to pre-pack their school bags and set them beside the door before bed.
  • When your child mentions something they need to do, encourage them to do it now instead of later.
  • Before your child has screen time or leisure time, ask them if there is anything they could take care of first before they relax.

Teaching your children the benefits of sorting through their day and taking action are fine habits that will serve them throughout their lives. Teaching them to be self-monitoring and invested in their day is a wonderful investment in their future.

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