Day 19 – Hacks That Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy

Everyone loves a good hack. A simple and creative way to do something that has you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Hacks are a great way to make being organised easier than you think. Here are some fun hacks for different parts of your home.

For Your Car and Garage:

Hack: Keep a rubbish bin near the driver’s side of the garage. Throw rubbish away every time you leave the car.
Hack: Keep a covered container in your car with incidental items you may need.
Hack: Use a seat-back organiser for your kid’s items so they are in one centralised spot.
Hack: Get a car wash once a week. Keep glass cleaner and dash wipes in your glove box. Wipe down your car each time you go through the car wash.
Hack: Use a tackle box or other container with sections to create a snack tray for road trips. The compartments make it easier to offer your kids variety and the lid prevents spills.

For Your Home:

Hack: Keep the roll of rubbish bags in the bottom of your rubbish bin. You’ll never need to hunt for a liner again. Add a can of disinfectant, too. You can change the liner and clear the air at one time.
Hack: Use a bookshelf in your wardrobe or closet. Many bookshelves work well in a closet and give you more useable real estate for shoes, stackable clothing, and accessories.
Hack: Shower hooks are great for organising. The same hooks you use to hang your shower curtain can be used to organise jewellery or scarves. You can hang hats, vests, or other easy to reach items on a rod in your closet.
Hack: Fold sheets and place them inside a pillowcase to create one tidy packet. You won’t have to suffer dishevelled fitted sheets and your linen closet will look nice and streamlined.

For Your Garden:

Hack: Instead of dragging your equipment from the front to the back, consider buying two of the items you need. Having a set for each garden saves time and you always have a back up if one of your pieces breaks.
Hack: Use a wheelbarrow or large cart to transport items back and forth for gardening. Being able to bring everything to one location at once streamlines the process.
Hack: Do your gardens on Thursday. This allows you to enjoy the garden over the weekend when you are most likely home to BBQ or have company.

Having simple hacks that save time and money make it easier and more enjoyable to get things organised. Having out-of-the box ways to clean, be tidy, and organise is part of the fun. You can use social media to find new ways to hack your way to being neat and tidy.

Do you have any hacks to share?

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