Day 18 – The Connection Between Low Energy and Chaos

Disorganisation can have multiple origins. Here are a few:

  • Ignorance
  • Overwhelm
  • Pride
  • Depression
  • Poor time management

Any or all of these can contribute to disorganisation and a life that feels chaotic. There is also a connection between low energy and chaos. If you are struggling with life and feel overwhelmed, it might be worth considering if low energy is a cause.

Low energy can be psychologically based or physical. It could stem from feeling anxious, depressed, or overworked and burnt out. Determining the root can help you find a remedy.

Consider the following.

Low energy can stem from your mental health:

Depression and anxiety can affect your stamina and your desire to get things done. If you are suffering with depression or anxiety, it helps to talk to someone who can help. Getting down to what is causing your depression and anxiety can help you solve problems and make changes. Once you have a handle on what’s going on, you can make a plan to get things on the right track.

Low energy can stem from your physical health:

If your life is sedentary, it will affect your stamina and energy. You may not have the energy it takes to get through the day and manage your home. Being out of shape can directly affect how much energy you have. You may think the best thing you can do is rest so you can make it through the work week, but the better idea is to develop more physical strength, so you increase your energy to get the things done that keep your home organised.

What you may not know…

Living in chaos contributes to feeling low on energy. If your home is in disarray and you are painfully aware of the chores and projects left undone, it can contribute to depression, anxiety, and poor food choices. It’s a chicken and egg sort of reality. Which came first? You can tackle the emotions that come from feeling chaotic while you tackle the mess. Simultaneously working on both will help you meet both problems in the middle.

Take small steps to get your energy back. Do what you can while pushing yourself gently to do the most and the best you can. Seek help if you need assistance and remember you deserve to love your home, your family, and your life. Your low energy can be resolved, and you can get back into a routine that is productive and energised.

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