Day 15 – One Room, One Week: Organising Your Home

Getting organised is very motivating. The urge to purge and redesign your spaces can be exhilarating and overwhelming. Where do you begin and where should you put your focus? I suggest tackling things one room, one week at a time. This method makes it easier to focus on one space at a time and put your emphasis in one location.

If you’ve been using Pinterest or another social media outlet for inspiration, you likely have some great ideas of how you want to transform your spaces from cluttered to cleared out. You may be inspired to redecorate and refresh your spaces too. Good for you!

Here’s a checklist to get you ready for organising your home one room, one week at a time.

  • Pick a room
  • Get inspiration from Pinterest or another visual source
  • Determine any items you need to refresh or redecorate
  • Purge items that are no longer needed
  • Sort items that need storage
  • Determine what storage solutions you need
  • Make purchases
  • Refresh and redecorate the space accordingly
  • Review to see if you need additional storage solutions
  • Repeat until organised.

Here are some tips for staying focused and getting the job done.

Tip #1: Schedule time for the job. What you are intentional about, you will stick to. Put the job on your schedule and protect your time so you aren’t disrupted. Don’t allow anyone or anything to distract you from getting the job done. Having the discipline to tackle the task and completing it is rewarding.

Tip #2: Finish what you start. Each room has tasks that chip away at the clutter and make it easier to reorganise. When you begin a task, do not stop until it is complete. When you are sorting through the room, don’t stop until you are completely done purging. Remove the items to bin or take to the charity shop. When you paint or obtain storage containers, see the task through. Don’t procrastinate or drag things out.

Tip #3: Approach the task with enthusiasm. Refreshing your home is a wonderful thing. Getting in the right mindset will make things easier and more productive. Play fun music. Post images of the design you are going for on the walls to keep you inspired and motivated. Encourage your family to help and make a game of getting organised!

Choosing one room to organise and refresh each week will make getting organised easier and more fun. The more rooms you do, the faster and more efficient you will be with the tasks. Soon you will have a whole new home that is intentionally designed, free of clutter, and filled with special touches.

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