Day 14 – A Place for Everything – Creating an Intentional Home

How intentional is your home? Did you create a flow and synergy when you moved in? What determines where you store your belongings? Do you have a place for everything and is everything in its place?

If you seem overwhelmed by this list of questions, chances are your home is not as organised as you might like.

Don’t worry – we can fix that.

An intentional home is created by making space for the things you own and creating ways to store, display, and manage the items you and your family use. Rather than “making things work,” an intentional home is created by design to incorporate your personal belongings into the decor and storage inside the home.

Ask yourself these questions.

Q: Do you leave items out because you don’t have adequate storage for them?
Q: Do your bedrooms have the appropriate organisational tools to make them efficient and attractive?
Q: Do you stack items on shelves, countertops, and on the floor because there isn’t a designated space for them?

Storage space – or lack of it – is a common cause for clutter and disorganisation. Rooms without sufficient storage or organisational infrastructure are a chief cause for losing things, which wastes time and money. Finding solutions for storage can create a space for everything and an intentional home.

Here’s how:

Assess your home and determine the needs you have for storage. From here you can decide if you want to remodel, purchase storage solutions, or find another way to be organised.

Remodelling: This is the ultimate way to create storage solutions and an intentional home. Work with a designer to craft creative ways to change up closets, kitchen cabinets, or your pantry. You can even create built-in cabinetry for your entryway, living room, and bedrooms that make storage easier.

Store-bought storage solutions: From containers to decorative storage solutions like wardrobes, chests, and closet organisers, you can create storage without the expense of a remodel. Check out two of my previous posts, Organising Your Wardrobe and Pro Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe and Closet.

Other ways to be organised: Purging and reducing the number of items you own as well as sorting and displaying your items in an organised way can reduce clutter. If you love books, you can easily make them look attractive by sorting them by colour, height, or some other aesthetically-pleasing way.

Pro-Tips: Here are some out-of-the-box ways to create storage and reduce the clutter in your home.

Tip #1: Use your furniture. You can use statement pieces as storage. If you live in a small space, consider making a large cupboard/wardrobe into a small office. Store your printer, office supplies, and important papers in one organised spot. Simply close the doors when not in use. The same can be done in your craft room.

Tip #2: Use baskets. You can use tall baskets to stack books, magazines, and other items in your living spaces. Collecting items in one space keeps them centralised and the baskets are a nice aesthetic for your living room.

The more intentional you are about your home, the easier it will be to get and stay organised. Use these tips and create spaces that are free from clutter and establish a space for everything.

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