Day 13 – Create a Maintenance Schedule to Stay Organised at Home

Before you can get organised, you’ve got to have a plan. Being organised starts by identifying what needs to be organised and then tackling it one step at a time. Being organised includes making a schedule so you have the dedicated time slot to do the actual thing that needs to be done.

Home maintenance can easily be forgotten or delayed if there isn’t a plan in place. Before you know it, things get out of hand and there is an overwhelming amount of work to be done. An easy way to keep up with maintenance is to create a schedule that prompts you throughout the year.

Using a spreadsheet or calendar, create a maintenance schedule that sets aside a day or specific time to carry out the task. Here are some typical tasks that can be easily managed when spread out over time.


  • Trim trees and bushes for change of season
  • Clean gutters of debris
  • Change filters on heating and air systems
  • Change batteries in alarms and smoke detectors
  • Clear closets and wardrobes of clutter: purge, donate, and discard accordingly
  • Power wash concrete or other outdoor surfaces
  • Schedule annual service calls to keep systems in optimal order


  • Change indoor air filters on heating and air systems
  • Deep clean bathrooms, skirting boards, ceiling fans, and other areas
  • Clean accumulated clutter from garage or other spaces
  • Coordinate monthly services for pest control, lawn maintenance, and other services
  • Schedule bill paying


  • Replenish paper products throughout the home
  • Evaluate home and make a menu and shopping list
  • Laundry
  • Empty indoor rubbish bins and put wheelie bins out for collection

These are basic ideas of tasks that can be scheduled throughout the year and make it possible to organise home maintenance, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. You can easily modify the list to include the specific items unique to your families needs.

Consider this:

Most people underestimate the amount of time they have. They have the best of intentions for keeping their home clean and organised but simply run out of time. This method helps disburse the chores and allows time to be designated to carry out the chore. Doing so helps make the tasks manageable and easy to complete if you discipline yourself to the schedule.

Having a maintenance schedule on hand can reduce the sense of overwhelm and make chores easier to manage. Spend time working out a schedule and stick to it for long-term success. Each year, you can assess the schedule and see where you can make modifications. Over time you will streamline the schedule and knock your home maintenance tasks off your list with ease.

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