Day 10 – 3 Tips to Prep Your Family for the Day

The daily grind doesn’t have to get you down. The morning sets the tone for the day and for unorganised people, that tone can be stress and chaos. Add kids into the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. There are simple ways to ensure the morning goes smoothly and you and your family get out the door with ease.

Take a look:

Tip #1: Have a routine the night before
Tip #2: Ask a series of questions
Tip #3: Put everything by the door

Tip #1: Have a routine the night before. The more organised you are at night, the easier your morning will be. Having a routine makes it easier on everyone because they can literally set their clock by what is going on. To the best of your ability, consider these tips for having a routine the night before:

  • Tip: Have a set, non-negotiable dinner time. Having a set dinner time brings the family together. Make dinner time fun by engaging the family in questions about their day and laughing with one another. Enjoy pre-planned meals or take out if necessary but try to keep the dinner date in stone.
  • Tip: Plan your outfit for the next day. Have your kids pre-plan their look for the day. Lay out or set aside their clothes so you know you have all the pieces you need. No need to look for lost shoes or a missing sock when time is tight. You can even plan their outfits on the weekend when you may have more time to choose. Have kids plan five looks for the upcoming week so they know exactly what they will be wearing.
  • Tip: Pick a bath time and stick to it. If your kid is a nighttime bather, make that the routine. If they are a morning bather, set it in stone. Kids who have a set routine tend to be more efficient and dependable.

Tip #2: Ask a series of questions. If you’d like to avoid surprises, ask some questions. Make a list of important things you need to know to make the morning a success. Get in the habit of asking the same questions, in the same order, and your kids will be ready for it. Things like “Do you need anything signed?” “Do you have anything due that we need extra materials for?” “What is on your schedule for tomorrow?” Asking a list of routine questions each night will have your kids solving problems and keeping you in the loop ahead of time, so you aren’t rushed trying to fix things in the morning.

Tip #3: Put everything by the door. Before each kid goes to bed, have them put their gear by the door or in the car. We all have a box each in a cube unit where we put things that have to leave the house. From sports equipment to their backpacks, putting things where they need it the night before alerts them to what might be missing and makes getting ready less hectic. If they need lunch money or a permission slip – put it in their backpack. Need to remember their cold lunch? Leave a post-it on the door with a reminder.

Being organised the night before reduces and eliminates many problems. Being streamlined and efficient can make the morning routine easier and more carefree. It starts the day off right and gets kids in a great mood for their day.

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