{Day 1} -Personal Results

If you are taking part in the 30 Days Challenge – Embracing The Declutter Mindset then you will have seen the Day 1 Get Organised: How Sorting Out the Clutter Streamlines Your Life post. I set you the challenge of sorting out your Christmas and seasonal decorations. I am doing the challenge right alongside you so here are my results!

Well, after doing all of the above myself, I ended up with a box for the charity shop that contained two sets of tree lights (I really never will put the plain red ones back on and I don’t need ones shaped like Santa on sleighs). I put the pink and silver decorations in it too. I got rid of the tinsel that was raggedy. That was a battle because “But mum I could make something with it!!!!” was whinged at me repeatedly. I had to be tough though because my daughter is very much like me and it would still be an unmade pile of tinsel in 12 months time and would end up back on the tree.

I took the time to pack the decorations neater which saved me some space. Normally I would just throw them all in. The lights was the pain in the backside one. Could I find some card?? No, for once the recycling had gone straight out so I had to raid my daughters art box (sssshhhh don’t tell her). As tedious as it was, carefully wrapping them around, I know that next year I won’t be cursing that Tree Light Goblin.

So, all in all this was quite a satisfying little challenge. I condensed down the Christmas things and also gave a bit to charity.

I have been updating a blog post all day “How to Organise Your Christmas Decorations) and that has some ideas for storage on it and a link to a pinterest board that I’ve created for Upcycling Christmas Cards. Please do check it out when you have a moment.

(I had every intention of adding some photos but then I had to collect Little Man from nursery and now having to dash out to get Not So Little One from choir. See? I’m not that organised!)

How did you get on with todays challenge?

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  • January 8, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Well embraced all down but now they filling armchairs 🙈


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