{DAY 1} Get Organised – How Sorting Out The Clutter Streamlines Your Life

Welcome to Day 1 of the 30 Day Embracing The Declutter Mindset Challenge. If you haven’t already signed up then head over to the sign up page. It’s free!

Being in a state of disorganisation can feel overwhelming. Trust me I know. Which came first though, overwhelm or disorganisation? It’s sometimes hard to tell. Nonetheless, being disorganised contributes to chaos in and out of the home. Streamlining not only clears the clutter from your home, it helps streamline other areas of life. People who feel tired and overwhelmed in life generally have low energy. The lack of energy makes it hard to do chores and tasks. Before long, there’s no food to make a complete meal, no one can find a clean pair of socks, and the bills are overdue. This has happened more than once in our house!

Disorganisation can lead to:

  • Depression
  • Health issues
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced property values
  • Lost productivity
  • And more

Generally, being disorganised bleeds from one area of life into another. As one area becomes affected, it spreads into another until a sense of overwhelm, hopelessness, and helplessness sets in. Before long there are messes everywhere – literal and figurative.

Messiness and mild-to-moderate disorganisation isn’t a prediction of doom. Some people are less organised than others. There’s nothing wrong with being messy or having a lifestyle that someone else might consider cluttered. Failure to make the bed doesn’t label a person unorganised. If the lack of organisation is causing disharmony in your family or you are avoiding important tasks at home because you can’t seem to get “it” together, streamlining might be a solution.

Sorting out the clutter can streamline life and make it easier day-to-day. It may require effort in the beginning, but the results are worth it. Once you have the resources in place to maximise your home and your mind, you can expect to feel things getting easier. You’ll discover more spare time and have less anxiety about chores and the expectations of your family.

Here are some key ways to declutter and streamline your life:

  • Have a capsule wardrobe
  • Create spreadsheets of important dates and occasions
  • Get outside assistance
  • Organise your pantry for easier meal prep and save money
  • Create chores for your family
  • Create routines for daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance
  • And more

Clearing the clutter can streamline your day-to-day living and make it possible for you to do more with ease. Having systems in place and using your energy wisely creates harmony in your home and beyond. The satisfaction and pride that comes from running an efficient home that is free from clutter and chaos is worth the efforts it takes to get there.

So, how will this challenge work? Each day I challenge you to tackle one small area of your house and life. I will tell you which one I’m tackling and will then post my results so you can get an idea of how it went. Let’s get started!

Todays Workbook Challenge: Download it! Have you downloaded your workbook yet? You will get a download link when you sign up for the emails.

Todays Practical Challenge: As this article has been written in the New Year, I think sorting the Christmas stuff before I pack it away for the year would be a sensible place to start. I challenge you to go through your Christmas decorations:

  • Broken decorations – bin the ones that are broken (I refuse to believe that whilst unpacking them you didn’t find a broken decoration or two but just left it in the box…).
  • Empty packaging – Get rid of the packaging (I know full well that at the end of Christmas I won’t stick to the “I’m putting everything back in its packaging!” claim)
  • Colour Scheme – Have a think about what colour scheme you may have next year and put aside ones that don’t suit it. I have years and years worth of schemes and some of them I will never use again (remember the pink and silver phase??)
  • Lights – Check all of the lights are working before you put them away. I know it is tempting to just throw the light in the box but you will curse the Tree Light Goblin next Christmas, so grab some cardboard and wrap the lights round and round it so that they don’t get tangled. You can thank me next year.
  • Tinsel – We love tinsel but it gets raggedy. Yet every year I shove it back in the box. I went to the sales and picked up some lovely thick tinsel for next year and it was less than a pound! I’m going to make sure I get rid of the old tired stuff
  • Baubles – We all find ones that have mysteriously lost their bit of cotton and we pop them back in the box. Find the cotton, replace the cotton or get rid!!!
  • Batteries – Make sure you remove batteries from anything that has them in (I forgot last year and one item was ruined because they leaked)
  • Lists – I am a big believer in lists…..
    • Christmas cards – “Cards?? They are not decorations” I hear you say. True but this is a little organisation thing I do every year without fail. I sit down and write a list of all the people I had cards from. I do this so I don’t forget next year that Mrs Jones at number 76 popped one through, or the new Mum at school that wouldn’t have been on the last list, childrens friends at nursery…and so on and so on….
    • Wrapping things – list all that you have so that you aren’t buying yet more paper and bows in the run up to next Christmas

Personal Challenge: 

I will spend today sorting through my own Christmas decorations and organising them. I will post an update later on showing you how I got on. Good luck!

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