Conversation Of The Day #1 – Charlotte On Child Birth

Conversation of the day: Child birthI’ve decided to start a new section with the conversations I’ve had with my daughter in her (nearly) 8 years. They will travel back in time admittedly as I work my way through my old facebook posts but I thought it would be nice to do it that way so I can reminisce during my second pregnancy. I shall put her age and its original date on each post.

12th April 2016 (Age 7)
Charlotte: “How will the baby come out?”
Me: “Well, Mummy’s body will stretch so that—-” (Hubby interrupts at sight of Charlottes confused and worried expression)
Hubby: “You know Transformers?”
Charlotte: “Yes”
Hubby: “Well Mummy will do a Transformer” (proceeds to make Transformer style noises and movements)
Charlotte: “Cooollllll!!!” (Goes back to eating breakfast)

Admittedly that would be quite cool! LOL

What is your childs take on child birth? How have you explained it to them?

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