Child knows best? | Child Knows Best?So, my daughter decided last weekend to “educate” me in ways to parent her!!! She didn’t do it in a cheeky way. She purely reacted to my frustration at repeating myself. We are at the stage in our lives that we spend most of the time moaning at her (she’s 9 soon) saying various things like “Please go and tidy your room!” and “Will you please get ready for school!”. This usually results in her stomping off and not doing either of the above. Even when I think she’s tidying, I’ll go up and find her playing or sorting something totally random out. One time I went in to see all the books were off the shelves and being sorted by size. The room looked worse than it started off.

A few days ago (after yet another moan at her) my daughter sat me down and said to me that she works better if she knows what she should be doing. She told me that if I said to her “Please go and put all your dirty clothes in the basket” or “Please go and make your bed” or “Please go and put your dolls back in the box” that she would be able to do that. This makes perfect sense. Lets be honest, on a day where I declare I’m going to tidy the whole house….I often don’t. I start it but then get distracted or overwhelmed. Half of the time I find myself doing exactly what my daughter ends up doing. Not playing with dolls of course, but sorting through some magazines I’ve found or deciding what clothes to get rid of.

So, we tried this. It meant that she was going up and down the stairs to ask for the next instruction but at the end of it her room was tidy. We have decided to print up a chart/to-do list and then she can cross off the items as she’s done them. Maybe even laminate it so it can be reused.  As a result, I write myself a to-do list now and that proves more successful. I still have a pile of magazines to sort through though……

Would you be interested in one as a free printable?

What ideas do you have for getting your children to successfully tidy their room?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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