30+ Space Saving Ideas For In The Bathroom

the-organised-mum-bathroom-savingTo be honest I don’t have much problem with regards to saving space in the bathroom anymore. I put a cabinet that fitted around the sink and that was that. Finally the window sill was clear!

However, I know that some of you do have issues with the bathroom, so here are some ideas.

  1. The biggest waste of space is under the sink. If you can’t afford to buy a cabinet that fits then you could always fit a curtain. Firstly make sure they are waterproof! Just fit them with some tape (or attach velcro that comes with one side sticky). Make sure you take them off to clean every few weeks at least.
  2. I use the space behind my toilet to store the air freshener and toilet brush. If you have small children, store the bleach in a cupboard with a child lock on.
  3. Have a wall hanging towel rack rather than free standing. You could even just lie the towels on the radiator.
  4. Do you have lots of bath toys floating around? You can buy small nets with suction pads on. Attach that to the wall of the bath to store those toys. Another way is a plastic basket with holes in to let the water drain away. Make sure you wash the basket and toys once a week to stop mildew forming.
  5. Do you have a chair taking up space? Fit a fold down seat to the wall.
  6. Attach a bar along the underside of the edge of the bath (depending on style of bath) to hang towels on.
  7. Fit a corner shelf above the bath for storing sponges etc.
  8. Buy the shower gels that come with a hook which can then be hung in the shower.
  9. Hang towels on the back of the door with simple rails.
  10. Hang a fruit basket in the shower to put bits and bobs in
  11. Put small racks (spice racks?) on the inside of the cabinet door
  12. Utilise the space above the door with a small shelf
  13. For an extra 20+ ideas visit our pinterest board “Space Saving In The Bathroom”

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